Propane Labs is an incubator of entrepreneurial talents that helps foster collaboration and drive innovation to create a cornucopia of exciting platforms and products.

Our tech innovation lab is an alternative option for entrepreneurs that are looking for technical and creative services for their business. Propane Labs looks to help you create your product correctly the first time, build your company up and then hand over all assets back to the company once they have secured their own technical staff. Put simply, we help you get your product to market faster and minimize risk by tapping into our startup experience.


Cheerboo is a real-time opinion network that helps you share and discover opinions on any topic you care about. Cheerboo lets you express your views, make informed decisions, find new things, learn about your friends and gauge public opinion on any topic imaginable.

Interlace Systems

Acquired by Oracle, Interlace Systems was a provider of strategic operational planning software.

Mimosa Systems

Acquired by Iron Mountain. Mimosa Systems provides information immediacy, discovery and continuity for the new generation of critical enterprise information. It enables fingertip access to vast information by users, powerful and rapid search and retrieval of corporate historical information by auditors, and uninterrupted access to corporate information in the midst of failures and errors.

Neopath Networks

Cisco Systems® acquired NeoPath Networks, the leading provider of high performance and highly scalable file storage management solutions. is a peer-review system built in Flash. It allows a user to upload creative and then send out an email to others inviting them to rank and comment on the options. These ratings are then compiled for the original author to review.

Qpid.Me utilizes SMS technology to keep its users instantly up to date on health records. The system sends and receives text messages, enabling it to communicate with users at any time.


TigerTrade provides buyers, suppliers, and service providers around the world with the oportunity to explore new markets and build durable, trusted business relationships online.

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